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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A chance for common sense

The Fire Authority have given the Swansea Labour leader a
chance to do the right thing. Lets hope he takes it and re instates
 the chair and the experienced fireman that he has kicked off.
The Fire Authority had its first meeting yesterday since being made chairless by Swansea Labour. First up on the agenda was to elect a new chair. The cross party committee was both embarrassed and reluctant to progress this. Instead, they took a measured approach by deferring the decision until the September meeting.
The Fire Authority is well aware of the growing unrest that has been caused by Swansea Labour leader David Phillips who threw an experienced fireman off the committee for political reasons. 
Absent from this meeting was Labour Councillor Pearleen Sangha. She got into hot water by her vastly different recollection of events to others at the previous meeting.
We hope that Swansea Labour will reconsider their decision and allow the current chair and experienced fireman to continue their service without further ado.


  1. Why have Labour Councillor Robert Francis Davies of Sketty and Labour Councillor Pearleen Sanghar of Santa Cruz been taken off the Fire Authority in the wake of the disgraceful withdrawal of Independent Councillor Gordon Walker? Will Councillor Phillips make a statement on this?

  2. Why aren’t you exposing Swansea’s Labour lord mayor as a bent benefit scrounger?

    He drives a Motability Vauxhall Insignia which means he cannot walk any sort of distance. Yet he attends civic engagements and was seen delivering leaflets around his ward during the election.

    If you look at his travelling claims you will see that he catches the bus back and fore to the to civic centre. His wife takes the disability car to work!!

    A while ago he was photographed up a ladder while clearing the guttering on his house. This was exported to the DWP but no action was taken,

    That’s what I call milking it. Pity you don’t have the bottle to mention any of this.